strategically applied logic

"Between the idea and reality
lies the shadow"

T.S. Eliot


Montavi is a business consultancy, working with global entrepreneurs to develop, launch and grow successful businesses.

Entrepreneurs are those who create something that didn’t exist before, that positively influences the lives of those around them, trouble is it’s not that easy to turn ideas into reality. It takes clarity of direction, a sense of purpose and the ability to see the bigger picture, while taking consistent action.

That’s why we coach entrepreneurs, using over 40 combined years experience working for World leading creative agencies, creating businesses and launching brands, so you can use strategically applied logic to benefit your business.

Graeme Clemett

Planning and organisational wizard, Graeme is simply called 'legend' by those he works with.

For over 25 years he has worked within the creative industry with agencies, printers, media buyers, art directors, creative departments and producers of all things advertising. As a business owner and director he also spearheaded business development for a number of companies, currently applying those skills to online platforms including ecommerce.

His real passion is assisting start-ups and rocket launching existing enterprises to be the best in the market. Project managing and establishing new ways to produce results that really get the business flying.

“It is only when you take a positive step out of your comfort zone, that new paths are revealed where you can create extraordinary opportunities.”

Lauren Clemett

Five time best selling author and Stevie Award Winning Neurobranding expert, uses her 25 years Lauren working in world leading advertising agencies to help clients understand how the brain sees brands.

Lauren owns her own personal branding consultancy, the Ultimate Business Propellor and created the award winning Authority Rocket program which has helped hundreds of professional services providers around the World, to become well known, well paid & wanted.

"Expertise is doing something with ease that others find difficult"

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