Montavi is a blend of two words. The first is the most tenacious and loyal creature, the Mongoose and the second part is the most famous mongoose of all, Rikki Tikki Tavi who proved to be clever and brave.

In business you need all of those skills in order to survive and thrive. In the decades that we have worked in leading corporate brands and owned our own successful businesses, resilience and self belief have proven to be the strongest factors.

We love to help others take ideas and turn them into reality, giving them the clarity of direction, a sense of purpose and the ability to see the bigger picture, while taking consistent action steps to make things happen.

That’s why combined over 50 years experience working for world leading creative agencies, creating businesses and launching brands to strategically apply logic to benefit your business.

Graeme Clemett

With over 30 years experience running and owning businesses, Graeme is a planning and organisational wizard.

He has worked within world leading creative agencies, liaising with designers, printers, media buyers, art directors, creative departments and producers of all things advertising. 

As a business owner and director he also spearheaded business development for a number of companies, currently applying his skills to online platforms including ecommerce.

His real passion is assisting entrepreneurs to rocket launch their enterprises to be the best in the market, advising, coaching and guiding them to learn and implement new ways to produce the results that really get the business flying.

Specialising in the Amazon PPC advertising platform, Graeme is currently using these skills coaching Amazon FBA students.

“It is only when you take a positive step out of your comfort zone, that new paths are revealed where you can create extraordinary opportunities.”

Lauren Clemett

Multiple international award winner and five-time best selling author, Lauren's specialist areas are Neurobranding and personal branding.

Lauren has over 30 years brand creation and management experience, working within world leading advertising agencies and for corporate clients, as well as owning her own consultancies and agencies.

She was awarded 2018 International Women In Business Entrepreneur Of the Year, top 20 personal branding experts to watch in Australia in 2022 and Top 20 global  inspirational speaker in 2023. 

Her unique approach to defining a brand strategy and helping entrepreneurs get back on track with marketing that matters, creates magnetic leadership and stand out personal brands.

Lauren is high-energy, with a positive attitude and a strategic mind that delivers with ease and humor. She is also a vodka quality control expert and keen sailor.

"Expertise is doing something with ease that others find difficult"

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