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Focus your energy on what's important to launch your business better.

Most Amazon sellers are told they can set up an online business that will make them money while they sleep, but then over 90% don't actually get to the point of having a product go live.

Worse, when they do launch, they quickly realise they are lost and overwhelmed in a sea of data and most sellers give up or suffer a significant decline after around 18 months of selling.

What most don't know, is that there is a specific process to launching on Amazon, and that it is a data driven business. If you don't know the numbers, how can you make the right decisions?

With a background in production management, print buying and business ownership, Graeme specialises in coaching those who are in 'launch stage". They have either found a product, started listing it, or been selling for a short while, but are not getting the traction they want, spending too much time worrying about the wrong things and do not understand how to set-up their Amazon listing and advertising to optimise results.

He has been selling his own Amazon brand since 2015 and his proven approach has helped hundreds of Amazon sellers to set up, revitalise and manage measured promotions and advertising and those he coaches regularly appear in the top sellers lists.

The first step is to book a chat with Graeme, completing an intake form to provide some background, and then looking at the options for him to help you master the amazing world of Amazon FBA selling.

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